Written by Julian Sng

On Oct 17, a deadly school shooting occurred at Kerch Polytechnic College in the Russian annexed-nation, Crimea. After having detonated a nail bomb that sent shrapnel across the crowded cafeteria, the 18-year-old assailant fired at several students and teachers in the school building. The shooter, Vladislav Roslyakov, summarily killed himself following the deed. Questions over his motivations, how he obtained such dangerous weapons and whether he even had accomplices are still pending ongoing investigations. The tragic shooting joins a series of school attacks in Russia, with Russian authorities describing the recent shooting as a “mass murder”. This had led Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, to comment that the shooting was “inspired by gun violence in the U.S”. On the other hand, some Ukrainian correspondents have, perhaps unsurprisingly, blamed Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine for “(creating) a highly militarized, unstable environment” that has enabled such shootings to take place.

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