Written by Val Alvern Ligo

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is on his way to becoming Japan’s longest-serving prime minister after winning a ruling party leadership vote. If “Abe” makes it through the 2019 term, he will have exceeded 2,886 days as the man-in-charge.  On the back of his re-election, he will reshuffle his Cabinet after a trip to the United Nations General Assembly gathering next week. In addition, he said he would compile an extra budget for relief from the natural disasters that have hit Japan in recent months. His first challenge will be in the form of United States (US) president Donald Trump and the US$69 million trade surplus separating the two.

More of Abe’s pledges:

– Implement a planned rise in the consumption tax to 10 percent from 8 percent.

– Reform social security, making it easier for people to stay in the workforce

– Revising the Constitution’s Article 9 which, taken literally, “bans the maintenance of armed forces but has been interpreted to allow a military for self-defense.”

Abe defeated former minister Shigeru Ishiba in the LDP leadership election.


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