Written by Jong Ching Yee

What has happened?

On 29th October 2018, Lim Tean announced the formation of Singapore’s 11th political party. Peoples Voices, the new party, seeks to involve the citizens in the process of democracy via referendums on major issues. When he first announced its establishment, Mr Lim uploaded a seven-minute long video on Facebook which detailed the promises that the party will try to achieve. The video touched on topics including CPF withdrawal, GST rates for basic necessities and the Prime Minister’s annual salary. These are the issues which remain highly debated among citizens.

According to the new leader, around 600 people have indicated their interest in joining the party but he has yet to admit them. However, Mr Lim refused to give further details regarding his committee and the rest of the party members.


Why is this significant?

Singapore’s ruling party has always been the People’s Action Party (PAP). Although the members suffered their worst recorded victory in GE2011, PAP came back strong to secure a landslide victory in GE2015. In general, the opposition parties have faced many challenges and remain unable to play a bigger role in parliament. With another political party in Singapore, will it bring about more hope for the opposition?

It is interesting to note that before Mr Lim established Peoples Voices, he was the leader of the National Solidarity Party (NSP). Mr Lim cited disagreements with the party, which eventually led to his resignation, after spending two years in his position as the leader of NSP.

It remains unknown how the public will perceive the new party. Mr Lim will know the results in the next GE, which must be held by 15 January 2021, if his party was to contest. As of now, Mr Lim has indicated his interest to contest in the next GE.

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