Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

As the world is moving forward with the recent UK protest against Trump and his racist, hatred-driven policies, another part of the world is seeing a backward step: After seventy years from its declaration of independence and promise of having equality to be the bedrock of the society, Israel has recently passed a law stating that only Jewish people have a right to national self-determination in Israel. This officially formalises Palestinians as second-class citizens, and along side with other recent demolitions of Palestinian villages, proves that the country is one-step closer to its government’s plan of Jewish-only settlement. The incident has stirred an international uproar: The EU threw a backlash of criticisms at the establishment of the new law, while the U.N quickly filed a report accusing Israel of being an apartheid state. Yet, these angry words are not enough to stop Netanyahu, now the first prime minister of apartheid Israel, and his deluge of discriminatory legislation. Expulsion of Palestinians, annihilation of their homes and destruction of their children’s school continue, and stay as the final nail in Israeli democracy’s coffin.

(featured photo from electronicintifada.net)

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