What happened? It started out on Mar 26, when Japan’s Kyodo News reported that a special train was seen passing through the north-eastern border city of Dandong, China. This train (green with a yellow stripe) looked similar to the one used by Kim Jong-Il to visit China, which left people wondering if it was Kim Jong-Un in […]


Professor Mohan Dutta has quit NUS after 6 years as Head of the Communications and New Media (CNM) Department, and will join Massey University in New Zealand as the Dean’s Chair Professor of Communication. Unless you are a CNM major, you probably wouldn’t really know him. Then again, you might – Prof Dutta was in […]


“Never again!” Chanted the youth supporters in one of the largest youth demonstrations in the US to date, numbering an estimated 800,000 (Singapore’s youths number to about 1 million – imagine that!) at the main event in Washington D.C. The protest, held on 24 March, was accompanied by another 800 sibling events not just all […]


That’s what you would probably say (while feeling resigned to your fate) when you see the crowd at MRT stations during rush hours. Now, you can find out just how crowded the MRT station is before you decide to leave home using the SMRTConnect smartphone app. While this app was released last month, the latest release […]


“A national disgrace.” The United Kingdom (UK) and Saudi Arabia signed agreements to cooperate on humanitarian issues, pledging SGD 180 million to “support livelihoods and economic prosperity in the Horn of Africa and East Africa” through the creation of vital infrastructure. This was announced as part of the renewal of the long-term partnership between UK […]


Except if you are China’s President – and immortal. At the annual parliamentary session on 5 March, China’s President Xi Jinping has pushed for the elimination of the ‘two consecutive term limit’ imposed on the President and the Vice-President in China’s constitution. Although the constitutional amendment must still be approved by at least two-thirds of […]