Written by Mertice Ho

But really, is this new? 

It seems like every other week Trump will say, do or touch something that causes a controversy. This week it’s the firing of key personnel. And as if firing people on reality TV is not enough, Trump has now moved to the twitter-verse where he sacked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a tweet on 13 March.

But like any good drama, there’s always more. The former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, was also fired, 26 hours before his formal retirement where he was entitled to receive pension. To be fair to Trump, this was not directly his doing. McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and had actually been under investigation for some time. However, Trump has spent months attacking McCabe and calling for his removal, reacting gleefully on Twitter when he heard the news.

Is there even any significance to Trump’s actions anymore?

Well, when its the Secretary of State, with potential implications on international relations with the US, it’s pretty relevant. Especially since Tillerson’s replacement is going to be Mike Pompeo, Director of CIA, an extremely hawkish individual who has repeatedly pronounced that he wants to escalate military aggression in Syria, Iran and North Korea. Tillerson was regarded as a moderating factor in the Trump administration, and this led to many clashes with Trump on issues like whether there should be a US-North Korean Summit. With Pompeo holding the reins now, there is the question of what exactly is going to happen to the “diplomat” portion in “Chief Diplomat”.

On the other hand, the firing of McCabe has national consequences on whether Trump obstructed justice. In May 2017, the FBI launched an investigation into whether Trump hindered the Mueller investigation (honestly, there’s more investigating going on than all 15 seasons of CSI). It seems that Trump’s vicious attempts at insulting McCabe and discrediting the FBI could be in anticipation of softening any potential charges he gets.

Be it Tillerson or McCade, Trump seems to be losing patience for those getting in his way and is opting to just get rid of them.

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