Written by Bryan Goh

What happened?

In a controversial move, Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suspended the UK Parliament for five weeks, triggering widespread outrage from opposition MPs and the public. While the UK Parliament usually has a suspension for a few weeks between sessions, Johnson has decided to extend the suspension.This is widely seen as a move to limit reduce the time available for Parliament to organise against him before the EU exit day on 31 October. Johnson has repeatedly promised to lead Britain out of the EU with or without an agreement with Brussels to the chagrin of many MPs who fear that doing so will damage the British economy byraising prices and limiting access to the UK’s biggest market.


What is the current state of affairs?

Many opposition MPs and even some lawmakers from Johnson’s own Conservative Party have spoken out against the 55-year-old, with The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow describing the closure as a “constitutional outrage” designed to stymie debate on Brexit. The opposition Labour party is also mulling a no-confidence vote in the Conservative’s government which would trigger a general election if passed. Elsewhere, thousands of protestors have also taken to the streets to protest against Johnson in the name of democracy, with the hashtag #StoptheCoup gaining traction online.

This is Johnson’s boldest move yet to back his commitment to take the country out of the EU with or without a divorce deal. Whether he is serious about doing so, or simply bluffing in order to negotiate a better deal with Brussels, one thing is certain – time is running out for him and for Britain.

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