Written by Mertice Ho

Remember the Facebook scandal not too long ago? Where the company Cambridge Analytica collected Facebook user’s data to create targeting political advertisements? Well, Cambridge Analytica is now closing after negative media coverage left it with no clients and mounting legal fees. The company and its UK entity, SCL Elections Ltd, have started insolvency proceedings and have already moved out of its New York offices.

However, filings in the UK suggest that leaders might be planning to resume operations just under a different name, Emerdata Limited. This new company was incorporated in the UK in August 2017, with leaders of Cambridge Analytica listed as owners of the company. It seems that even after such a big scandal, nothing much has changed. In addition, the incorporation of Emerdata Limited, the parent company and affiliates of Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group are still alive and kicking. And while Facebook is taking definitive steps to protect data they still have an unfathomable amount of data on all of us.

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