Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

As if the world hasn’t witnessed enough tragic suicides from celebrities around the globe, Canadian model, Rick Genest, was found dead at his home in Montreal on Aug 1, shortly before his 33rd birthday. Also known as ‘Zombie Boy’, Genest shot to fame after making a debut in Lady Gaga’s music video ‘Born This Way’. Possessing a head-turning, heavily-tattooed appearance, Genest held Guinness World Records for the most bones (139) and insects (176) tattooed on the body. His strikingly unique style and appearance earned him prestigious contracts with top designers, one of them being French designer Thierry Mugler. He also had a modelling career and had made multiple appearances on famous fashion magazines such as Vanity and GQ. His suicide was devastating – it sent not only his family into shock and pain, but also his fans into mourning sadness. His death is another warning alert on the issue of mental health, which remains a dark side to the showbiz industry.

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