Written by Mertice Ho

A five-member external panel released a fifteen-page report reviewing SAF’s heat injury management. This comes after the death of Corporal First Class Lee, a 19-year-old NSF who died after being hospitalised for heat injury. The report suggests the use of purpose-built cooling pads, that can cool the body up to four times as fast as ice, and an arm immersion cooling system where soldiers dip their arms into iced water for 15 to 20 seconds. SAF is also improving its evacuation procedures to be less subjective: under this, any trainee who cannot respond to simple questions on time, place and identity will be evacuated. Army medics will now also have to undergo a compulsory scenario on heat injury management. Currently, these are the measures that will be implemented by the SAF, though the panel also recommended that the SAF look into other rapid cooling methods such as cooling suits used in emergency departments of hospitals.

(photo taken from The New Paper)

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