Written by Mertice Ho

On May 18, a 39-year-old Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed shortly after taking off from Havana, Cuba. 110 people were killed and the 3 remaining survivors have severe burns and are in critical condition. Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and the ‘black box’, an instrument holding critical information about the plane, has recently been found in good condition.

The plane and its crew were being rented from Mexico City-based Damojh, a low-cost airline company, to Cuba’s national carrier, Cubana de Aviacion. However, two safety complaints were made against Damojh. One said that the pilots had a serious lack of technical knowledge, while the other claimed that the crew were dangerously overloading the plane. After all, this agency was banned from flying in Guyanese airspace, when last year Guyanese authorities found that suitcases were being stored in the plane’s toilets.

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