Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

Nearly 80 per-cent of Airbnb listings were removed after a new law for minpaku (private lodging services) goes into effect in Japan. As part of a national effort to crack down on illegal or semi-illegal private lodgings, the new law requires anyone participating in home-sharing to register their property and include a license number in their listing before June 15. Subsequently, any listing that does not already meet the criteria would have all bookings made before June 15 cancelled, causing a massive wipeout of thousands of listings on the famous rental website. Immediately, Airbnb responded to the new law, calling it a ‘surprise’ and announcing a $10 million fund to reimburse travellers for unexpected expenses due to cancellations. With Japan jumping on the bandwagon with Paris and San Francisco in the battle against the burgeoning home-share industry, it is fair that you plan your trips carefully, especially if you don’t want to be stranded abroad.

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