Written by Erica Liaw

What Happened? 

The Indian Army has been carrying out beatings and torture on villagers in Kashmir. “Whenever I fell unconscious, they gave me shocks to revive (me)”, according to one villager. The Indian army has denied the charges and health officials have been unwilling to speak to journalists. “No specific allegations of this nature have been brought to our notice. These allegations are likely to have been motivated by inimical elements,” said army spokesperson Col Aman Anand.


How did it come about? 

Kashmir has been contested by both Pakistan and India, with two wars fought over it. Pakistan rules one part of Kashmir and India the other. India held partial autonomy under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, but that has changed on 5 August, when the Indian government decided to revoke the article. Since then, protests have erupted and Kashmir’s chief ministers were arrested, throwing Kashmir into a state of violence.


Why should you care?

This revelation comes at a time when conflicting narratives regarding Kashmir are portrayed in the media. According to Indian officials, all is peaceful in Kashmir except for disruptions to normal life as “markets and schools remained shut, while public transport was off the roads”. Given that mobile and Internet services have remained suspended since the revocation of Article 370, reporting of stories in Kashmir has been a tedious process.

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