Written by Ashley Koh

Grab is launching its new shuttle service targeted at students and school staff, boasting it to be more efficient and personalized than traditional bus operators. Expected to have its first pick-ups in May, Grab Shuttle will crowdsource similar pick-up and drop-off points to accumulate enough demand before starting a route (this sounds like UberPool on steroids). Shuttle services come in 3 main packages, namely “Cheetah Express”, “Kangaroo Commute” and “Elephant Transit” for a maximum of 4, 13 and 23 students on board respectively (who comes up with these names?). Grab’s prices are more expensive, however, starting from $130 a month for one-way trips as compared to $100-$200 for return trips that traditional school bus operators normally charge. However, Grab’s entry to the school transport sector is not expected to be too disruptive due to its high price premium in exchange for greater flexibility and personalization.  

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