Written by Russ Hoe

What Happened?

Democratic Party member and first-term Senator of California, Kamala Harris recently announced her candidacy for the 2020 United States Presidential elections during her appearance on daily morning show, ”Good Morning America”. Her campaign reveal on the 21st January coincided with Martin Luther King Jr day, making her the first African-American woman to run for the upcoming elections. As a US citizen of both Jamaican and Indian descent, the 54-year-old politician holds favour with her party’s support base, which consists of young diverse female and minority voters.

What is Kamala Harris Popular For?
Harris has been earning a reputation as a vocal critic of current US President Donald Trump and his immigration policies, which include the deportation of illegal immigrants. She is also known for being a tough questioner of Trump nominees, which include Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during the 2018 Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.


What Does She Promise?

Harris’ campaign will focus on alleviating the nation’s cost of living using a middle-class tax credit. She’s also looking to reform current immigration and criminal justice policy, and has changes to propose for the current healthcare system.

Harris will also focus on issues related to her previous credentials as a former legal prosecutor of both San Francisco and California. She seeks to support victims of sexual violence, students financially exploited by colleges, homeowners affected by the housing crisis, while fighting for marriage equality in the nation. These promises to better the lives of disenfranchised groups in the nation are aptly summarised in her campaign slogan — “ Kamala Harris: For the People”.

Who is she up against?

While incumbent President Donald Trump is likely to return as the Republican select for the 2020 elections, Kamala is currently vying with a crowded field of eight other democratic candidates to represent the Democratic Party. This roster seeks to expand with speculation that prominent Democratic Party figures such as former VP Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may make their return to the presidential race.

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