Written by Zacchaeus Chua

Ice Melting Across the Globe

The world continues to feel the damaging effects of global warming as Iceland has recently held a funeral for Ok, the first Icelandic glacier to lose its glacial status. In Greenland, the record for the amount of ice melted in one day has recently been broken, with a staggering 12.5 billion tons of water lost in a single day. And for the first time ever, Alaska’s sea ice (ice within 150 miles of its shores) has melted away completely.

Courtney Howard, board president of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, has claimed that residents of Arctic regions have begun to show symptoms of anxiety and PTSD, owing to the drastic lifestyle changes accompanying climate change.

Elsewhere, a recent UN report has estimated the number of people facing severe food insecurity due to global warming to be in the ballpark of 2 billion. Many animals, like the Beluga whale, are also at risk of becoming extinct due to the drastic changes in climate.


Global Effects of Global Warming

In Zimbabwe, droughts have caused blackouts and water shortages, while floods from atypically heavy monsoon rains have displaced one million people and killed more than 270 in the last month. As more and more places like Lebanon and Qatar risk running out of water, 21 beach towns in the US could soon sink underwater due to rising sea levels.

Climate change has also exacerbated the effects of fires. In Alaska alone, at least 1.6 million acres have burned from at least 100 wildfires this summer, and wildfires in California are already 500% larger than in the 1970s. Global air temperatures are also rising; this summer, a severe heat wave across Europe broke many records, with Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands recording their highest temperatures ever.

Global warming could even have effects on the global financial market, potentially causing the next global financial crisis.

Meanwhile, denial continues to run rampant in the US government. The Trump administration recently suppressed a climate response plan that documented how the government should best respond to the climate crisis.

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