Written by Lee Chee Yong

Code of Conduct for All

You heard of the Highway Code, but do you know of the Pedestrian Code? Yes, that’s right. There is now a code of conduct for pedestrians. Pedestrians are advised to:

  1.      Stay off shared paths, stick to footpaths when possible
  2.      Keep left unless overtaking other pedestrians
  3.      Stay alert when on public paths – refrain from using mobile devices

The code of conduct for pedestrians was one of the measures proposed by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel to foster a safer public path for all, considering the high rates of accidents involving Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) last year.

There are no punitive measures attached to the code of conduct. This means that the code of conduct serves more as a guideline rather than a law that you would have to follow.



National University of Singapore transport infrastructure expert Dr Raymond Ong believes that the lack of enforcement mechanism is not an issue, what is more important is to educate the public such that these practices become intuitive. The social norms that we practice today such as standing on the left of escalators and giving way to alighting passengers before boarding trains were each the result of an extensive behaviour-inculcating public campaign.

Co-founder of cycling group Love Cycling SG Mr Francis Chu is sceptical of the code of conduct. He worries that aggressive riders will use the code of conduct as an excuse to blame the pedestrian, should an accident occur on the right of public paths.


Other Recent Measures

People under 16 can no longer ride an electric scooter without adult supervision. Cyclists and PMD users will also be banned from holding and using their mobile devices while riding. Those who flout either of the new rules can be fined up to $1,000 or face up to three months in jail for the first offence. 

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