Written by Mertice Ho

What happened?

By May 12, Donald Trump will need to decide if he wants to renew what he called the “insane” Iran Nuclear Deal. No one, including British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, is sure if he will renew the deal he has been adamantly against since day one. Adding to pressures from France and Germany, Johnson wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times fighting for the Iran Deal. In fact, in a unique diplomatic move, Johnson also appeared on Trump’s favourite news show of choice, Fox and Friends, to appeal to the president. Trump is set to announce his choice on 8 May at 2 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (roughly Wednesday 2 am in Singapore). If this works, perhaps, Fox and Friends Diplomacy will be a diplomat’s new strategy of choice.

Why is this Significant?

This historic deal was signed in 2015 by Iran, Britain, France, Germany, USA, Russia and China. Back then, the world feared that Iran’s nuclear energy programme could eventually lead to the creation of a nuclear weapon. The deal set to limit the nuclear capabilities of Iran in exchange for lifting the crippling economic sanctions placed on it.

Trump has called Iran a “fanatical regime” and in the past has said he would not sign off on continuing the deal. He believes that the deal is too lenient and wants to reimpose sanctions until a better deal can be put in placed. However, coming up with the current deal took nearly two years, and a new deal with all members agreeing would be an equally arduous process.

Iran has said that even if the US drops out, it will still try to find a solution with other members. But really without the deal, Iran stands to gain a lot with the renewed ability to ramp up its nuclear programme.

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