Written by Ashley Koh

Can you stop quoting lyrics and just tell us what happened??

Alright, fine. University students who just graduated in 2017 are landing higher starting salaries.  This is especially the case for Business and Computing students who are getting as much as $4000-$5000 a month. Double degree in business and computing ($5000, NTU), Law ($5000, NUS & SMU), Medicine ($5000, NUS), Computer Science ($4285, NUS) and Dental surgery ($4050, NUS) are the top 5 courses with the highest starting pay. (Why no love for arts students?) This marks the highest starting salaries since 2012, based on the annual survey of graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU. Fresh business, economics and computing graduates also experienced the highest pay jumps from last year.


Why is this significant?

Local universities are experiencing a 65% surge in enrolment for computing-related courses, following the increased demand for computing graduates. Realizing the increasing workplace relevance of computational skills, NTU has made it compulsory for freshmen to take modules on Computational Thinking and Introduction to Data Sciences (time to use that beloved S/U).

With the greater emphasis on big data, artificial intelligence and innovation, areas like computing, economics and analytics are becoming increasingly relevant. More firms are seeking to ride the ‘digitalization wave’ amid the increased number of technological disruptions that are occurring throughout almost all industries. This results in the convergence of technology and finance, increasing the demand for business graduates with computational skills. However, it’s not all sunshine and flowers for other degree holders as the 2017 figure for fresh graduates is the lowest since the survey was first carried out in 2012 complemented with a 1.5% decrease in number of graduates who secured full-time employment to 78.4%.

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