Written by Julian Sng

With effect on January 1 next year, the supply of single-use plastic products is set to be curtailed in Jamaica. The import, manufacture and distribution of plastic bags, straws and polystyrene (Styrofoam) boxes will be largely banned – with certain F&B industries slated to go completely plastic-free by 2021. Exemptions to the national ban include plastic packaging needed for public food safety. Other continuing users of single-use plastic will have to present their case for exemption with the Jamaican authorities or risk prosecution. This closely follows the non-G7 government’s announcement to deal with its burgeoning plastic pollution at the G7 conference earlier this month where US and Japan – both G7 countries – abstained from signing the Ocean Plastics Charter. The charter aims to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans which worryingly amasses to more than 8 million metric tonnes of plastic waste annually.


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