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Written by Terence Tan


Last year, Zachary Lim Yong Hao, 18, was caught trespassing into NUS Utown women’s toilets to peep at women. He had pleaded guilty last Thursday to one charge of criminal trespass to commit an offence and another of insulting a woman’s modesty. Two other charges were taken into consideration for his sentencing. The judge has called for a probation report and adjourned sentencing to 26 March.


On 17 March 2019, a 22-year-old woman visited UTown toilet. In the cubicle, she saw Lim’s face looking down at her. She immediately left the toilet. When she returned with a friend, they tried knocking on the locked cubicle but there was no response. They left to fetch the security officer. When they returned, Lim had left.

On May 5, 2019, while monitoring CCTV footage, a campus security officer noticed Lim loitering suspiciously outside a female toilet at UTown. She informed her team leader, who headed down with another officer to investigate. When they asked everyone in the toilet to leave, Lim stayed inside a locked cubicle and refused to open the door. He eventually left and insisted he entered by mistake.

Lim later confessed that he had stalked women into the toilet. He also admitted to peeping over the partition and masturbating while fantasizing the victim.

Other Cases

Lim was not the only case to have pleaded guilty to such offence on 27 February. In separate incidents, another two male students have also preyed on females from various tertiary institutions in toilets. NTU student Pham Nguyen Tuan Anh has since been sentenced to eight week’s jail and a fine of S$2000, while RP student Tee Ze Qian was offered bail of $5000. He will be sentenced on 23 March. The school also suspended Tee last year. 

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