Written by Lim Jin Jie

Imagine reciting the pledge your entire life, only to learn that you have to memorise it all over again. Kim Jong Un has revised the national oath, which now praises his ideology and leadership, while downplaying the efforts of both his father and his grandfather. The oath was introduced at the start of Kim Il Sung’s reign, and must be recited by every single citizen without fail. If not, the citizens risk being marked out as being politically unreliable. It is believed that Kim changed the oath in order to garner more domestic support and “reinvigorating his subjects’ revolutionary spirit”. Downplaying his predecessors’ efforts is hitherto unheard of, but it now seems to be a means for Kim to pull attention to his own reign. If it is of any comfort, the citizens now have it easier with the revision, having only 5 articles to memorise now (down from 10).

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