Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

While this ‘equation’ seems impossible, this is what ride-hailing company Grab claimed after rolling back its discounts for customers and incentives for drivers. Grab Singapore head Lim Kell affirmed the public that these decisions had been made way before the company’s acquisition of rival Uber’s South-east Asia business two months ago, thus calming down the fear that Grab is making use of its monopolistic power after ruling out its biggest competitor in the region. From now on, the company will be shifting to a reward system for passengers, where customers redeem their points from a reward catalogue, which is deemed to be more ‘interesting’. Meanwhile, to ensure private-hire car drivers’ earnings continue to grow, their income will still be monitored closely, and the company will assist them in their costs through partnering with petrol companies and rental car firms. Let’s grab some popcorn, and wait to see whether the company actually keeps its promises of lower cost and better quality!

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