Written by Mertice Ho

You might’ve recently seen your friends at Blu Jaz Cafe on Instagram! Well, this probably happened in light of it having its public entertainment licence revoked due to multiple instances of overcrowding and failure in minimising noise disturbance. Blu Jaz Cafe is known for its live music, slam poetry and stand-up comedy. Many consider it key to the local jazz scene, giving many musicians such as Charlie Lim, the traction they needed to succeed. Their licence was to be revoked on Oct 22, prompting the cafe to submit an appeal to the Public Entertainment Appeal Board (PEAB). However, the PEAB has announced that any cancellation would only happen after it has made its decision on the appeal. Blu Jaz Cafe posted on Facebook that it is working with its landlord to soundproof its premises. Collecting more than 4000 signatures in their petition last week, here’s to hoping that the overcrowding issue can be solved, and for live music to be revived again.

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