Malay Rights Matter

Written by Adib

Kuala Lumpur was packed with close to 2000 protestors at a rally held in Kampung Baru on Saturday (28 July). According to organizers, the rally was held as a result of diminishing interests of the Malay Muslim majority in the country. Ever since seizing power in the elections earlier this May, the Pakatan Harapan coalition, led by Dr. Mahathir, has implemented policies that have been widely unpopular among the Malay Muslim population. This includes the government’s decision to recognize the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), a Chinese-language secondary level qualification used by private schools. If by this point, the R-word is looming in your head right now, just understand that Malaysia has had a long history of pro-malay policies in the past. Despite receiving only a third of the malay vote, Pakatan Harapan still managed to win convincingly in the recent election. Perhaps it is time to redefine the “majority” in Malaysia.

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