Written by Mertice Ho

$365: that is the amount that Members of Parliament (MP) pay for an annual permit allowing them to park at HDB car parks when doing constituency work and at Parliament House when on official business. This is but a portion of a HDB season parking rate, which charges $80/month for surface car parks and $110/month for sheltered car parks. The Ministry of National Development justified the amount MPs pay by stating that MPs do not “park overnight or full day at their constituencies”.

This revelation has annoyed and confused many Singaporeans, considering that earlier in March, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that teachers would have to pay monthly season parking rates at the schools they teach starting from August 1. MOE’s explanation was that free parking was not in line with the government’s clean wage policy. Thus, the annual rate for parking in schools will now be $720 for an uncovered lot, and $960 for a covered lot – a far cry from the $365 that MPs pay.

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