Written by Zachary Tan

After 12 years of state-sanctioned militarised war against Mexico’s illegal drug cartels and an estimated 200,000 people dead, incoming president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has admitted that the war on drugs was a “failed strategy”. On Nov 8, the incoming government of Mexico submitted a bill that would legalise marijuana and create a medical marijuana industry. It will also introduce the legalisation of personal possession, recreational farming and even public smoking. If the proposed law is passed, Mexico will become the most populous country in the world to have legalised the recreational consumption of marijuana. The Mexican government hopes that the legalisation will curb the demand for illegal activities surrounding the provision of marijuana and disempower the drug cartels that have plagued the country for decades. Mexican government officials have also proposed peace and amnesty measures for those who were targeted by the military for distributing illegal marijuana.


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