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The Pioneers

In 2018, a group of passionate, quite frankly insane, students in Tembusu College started up a small news-writing interest group. Inspired by their mentor Madam Bertha Henson, they had one goal – to bring the news to Tembusians and make keeping informed easy and fun. One website, many telegram channels, and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears later, Millegram was born. Starting as a small team of writers, its members wrote almost every single day, peppering their articles with pop culture references, sarcastic quips, and the now all-too-familiar puns. Soon the team grew into the double digits, with their work reaching out to hundreds.


Riding the Coattails

It was this perfect storm of potential that we inherited just under a year ago as the second generation of the Millegram team.

Since then, there have been some changes. We introduced the TL;DR so that all the news that we’d compiled over the week wouldn’t go to waste. It also gave our writers a chance to come together as a team and contribute to something they could all be proud of. We made every article a “top story” so that every piece of news got the attention it deserved. We set up a mid-week schedule so that the stories we told were more recent and relevant. Finally, of course, we got to work with an eclectic team of writers who have consistently wow-ed us with their style, and a talented team of artists who have given our stories so much colour.

Now it’s our turn to pass the baton to the third generation of bright-eyed younglings.

To our dearest team, keep writing, keep drawing and keep staying woke.

To our dearest readers, it’s been a pleasure. Let’s let the new lads take the reins, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Much Love,
Millegram Gen 2

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