Written by Mertice Ho

Last week, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, came to Singapore in a three-day official visit. His trip was part of an “Act East” policy that saw him visiting Indonesia and Malaysia as well to strengthen regional relations. This is in response to China’s increasing activity in and claims over the South China Sea, which has led to countries in the region feeling uneasy. Modi’s talks in Singapore also included an agreement for greater cooperation between India and Singapore’s navies.

Mr Modi’s visit also marked Singapore and India stepping into a new digital era. He talked about a three year push to digitise India, a move that could create $25 billion in annual bilateral trade between the two countries and open up a strong market for Singapore’s fintech. There were even talks about a joint hackathon between the students of the two countries. Perhaps soon some of us might be going for this very competition!

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