Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

A 17-year-old Chinese national Zhou Zice coughed into his phone for his tutors to repeat the answers in the middle of his Combined Science (Physics/ Chemistry) practical examination. During his trial testimony on Thursday (April 19), Zhou admitted to the offence, claiming that he had trouble understanding the English-written paper. According to Zhou, the cheating scheme was elaborate; he was instructed to submit a decoy phone to throw off the invigilators and wear thicker clothes to hide three Bluetooth devices taped to his body. The device was connected to another phone in his pocket and allowed him to listen to the answers via a skin-coloured “in-ear” earphone. The accomplices were suspected to be Poh Yuan Nie, 52, principal of tuition agency Zeus Education Centre, and two of her accomplices — her niece, Fiona Poh Min, 30, and Chinese national Feng Riwen, 25. The three allegedly helped six students from China cheat during the O-Level exams in 2016.

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