Mounting complaints have been flooding the Consumers Association of Singapore, immediately after oBike announced that it was ceasing operations in Singapore. The company had gone into liquidation in Singapore and attributed this to its difficulties to meet new rules under a licensing regime to tackle indiscriminate parking. With a fleet of about 14,000 bicycles and more than one million users locally, oBike’s pullout left thousands of users in the dust. Many commuters are scrambling to recover the mandatory deposits — up to S$49 — that they placed with oBike. Sadly, the results are not looking good: Co-founder Edward Chen seems reluctant to address the public’s ire. Meanwhile, oBike chairman linked refunds of customers’ deposits to potential fees imposed by the Land Transport Authority for the firm’s failure to remove its fleet from the streets, though apologising later for the misleading remark ‘made by a staff member’. Amidst the messy situation, the users are still clueless, and the debt-ridden oBike is still struggling with the $6.3m of deposits it owes its users.

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