Written by Ashley Koh

Anti-plastic movements are gaining political momentum all around the globe to address the problems that plastics pose for the planet with. Countries like the US, Taiwan (God bless them for Gong Cha) and even the 40th poorest country in the world, Kenya, have either banned the use of disposable plastics or have concrete plans to ban them in the immediate future.In Singapore, there are currently no policies or future plans to regulate the use of plastics. Citing a study commissioned by the NEA, Senior Minister for State for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Amy Khor mentioned that biodegradable or paper bags have the same environmental impact as plastic bags, and Singaporeans should instead strive to use reusable bags. Instead, voluntary associations like Zero Waste Singapore are taking greater responsibility than the government in pushing for the less plastic consumption. Is the Government going to take a bigger step soon?

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