Illustration by Jaye Young
Written by Zacchaeus Chua

To Be the Very Best

Seven-year-old Simone Lim has proven that Singapore has what it takes to stand on the global esports stage – she came in first place in the Junior division of the Pokemon Oceania International Championships in Melbourne. She is Singapore’s youngest esports champion.

As an international championship, this tournament was just a tier lower than the World Championship. These tournaments are sometimes collectively known under the umbrella term ‘Video Game Championship’ (VGC) for being played in the VGC format, using a set of tournament rules specially created for these large-scale championships. Games are played as double battles, with players bringing 6 Pokemon and choosing 4 to use in their party per game.

Not only was this Lim’s first time competing in an international (she had previously only played in two regionals) after having played competitive pokemon for less than a year, even more impressive was the fact that her opponent in the Grand Finals was Justin Miranda-Radbord, a veteran with 21 regional championship wins under his belt and enough championship points to qualify for the World Championships many times over.

The Last Game

Game 3 of the Grand Finals was an intense back-and-forth, with both teams relying on their Dynamaxed Pokemon throughout the fight. Miranda-Radbord got the first KO and had the upper hand, but Lim reversed a 2 vs 1 with a decisive call. Predicting that Rhyperior would use Protect, she took out Dusclops with Tyranitar’s Crunch and brought the game to a 1-on-1 showdown between Tyranitar and Rhyperior. In the end, Lim’s Tyranitar scored a critical hit with Superpower, knocking Rhyperior out to take the match.

Watch the full match here

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