Illustration by Han Ying Jie
Written by Leney Ang

Pornhub Stars Strut the Runway for New York Fashion Week 

Adult Film Stars walk the run way, representing the “Herotica” collection, one of the most radicial feminist statements to date 

The New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is one of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world. Held bi-annually, it is one of four major fashion weeks worldwide, collectively known as the “Big 4”, along with those in Paris, London, and Milan. The models that have graced the catwalks include the likes of global supermodels Bella Hadid and Liu Wen. The fashion designers that have had their work shown are renowned, with difficult to pronounce names like Custo Dalmau and Diane Von Furstenberg (so you know they are up there).

New York is known for its progressive social conscience, leading the way in terms of body positivity, diversity and powerful political moves. The NYFW projects exemplifies this in their shows.


What Happened? 

In the most recent showcase, Berlin based designers Emilia Pfohl and Nan Li brought to the catwalk their most controversial feminist statement to date. The duo enlisted 3 adult actors to be part of their latest collection “Herotica”. Having established their brand “The Namilia Girl” with the concept of the Namilia Girl rebelling against the common perception of femininity, the collections seek to challenge common stereotypes in the most radical way, as seen previously in their ”My Pussy, My Choice” collection.

The Herotica collection aimed to deconstruct the Asian stereotype of the submissive, demure woman in the porn industry by providing a bold dominatrix look.

Famous for their work on Pornhub (known as the Youtube of porn), pornstars – Asa Akira, Marica Hase and Jade Kush, made their fashion week debut this week. The adult film actresses mention how they intended to “challenge the notion of porn being something existentially male”. They believed that often, “ most women just have been excluded from determining the narrative”.

(Pornhub brand ambassador, Pornstar’s Asa Akira models the Namilia Collection)

(女神(female goddess))

(Street wear with edgy, leather motorcycle race suits)

Through deconstructing traditional Chinese costumes and providing a dominatrix leather twist to the outfits showcased, the Berlin duo seeked to reimagine “ The cosmos of sexual pleasure” as they believed that it has often been restricted to narratives that have been made for male pleasure.

(Chinese takeout box-inspired outfit mixed pretty pinks with dominatrix leather)

However criticism has arised, with critics calling NYFW’s decision to allow the Pornhub ambassadors on the catwalk as “tonedeaf” and that it is regressive of progress made in feminism.

Pornhub has come under fire recently for failing to take substantial action in removing Girls do Porn Studio from their platform, amidst their lawsuit for sex trafficking and coercion. Vehement criticism and questioning has arised, of how NYFW could legitimise a platform that continues the exploitation of women.

Whether it comes as a regression or progression, it remains the most prominent feminist statement that NYFW has ever seen to date.

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