Written by Chu Yao Quan

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) recently organised NTUtopia, a “premium by-invitation” career fair for NTU students. However, the fair drew flak when students who failed to score a minimum GPA of 3.75, or were not in scholar programmes, were ineligible to participate in the fair.

Based on the email invitation, it stated that the fair presents students with the chance “to secure a job way before graduation”. At the fair, students had the opportunity to pass their resume to participating employers from both public and private sectors.

Though the criterion was not explicitly stated, organisers of NTUtopia reportedly said the rationale of setting a minimum GPA was to ensure the students were of a “certain calibre”.

NTU’s Associate Provost Professor Tan Ooi Kiang said 60% of the graduating cohort was invited to the fair. He added that feedback about making NTUtopia open to all undergraduates would also be reviewed.

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