Written by Mertice Ho

President Halimah made her first-ever Presidential Address on the May 7 to the newly formed parliament. The Presidential Address is traditionally written by the government to be read by the president (wonder what turnitin would say). Additionally, it was the first Presidential Address drafted by the 4G leaders and thus can be a good indication of what they envision for the country. In her speech, the President mapped several key government priorities for the coming future. Firstly, there is a need to secure Singapore and build up defence capabilities against threats such as terrorism and cyber-attacks. Secondly, the government will continue to keep Singapore as a well-connected city with projects such as Changi Airport Terminal 5 and the new Tuas Port which are in the works. Thirdly, to maintain Singapore’s economic strength, resources will be allocated to diversifying the economy and strengthening local companies. Lastly, the government will have to address Singapore’s increasing social inequality and ageing population.

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