Written by Ibrahim Ramthan

3rd Warrant Officer Muhammad Sadikin Bin Hasban, an SAF serviceman, died on duty in Brunei last Tuesday morning. 3WO Sadikin was carrying out his supervisory role at a helicopter evacuation site when he was hit by a falling tree branch.

MINDEF issued a statement last Tuesday, outlining the efforts made to resuscitate 3WO Sadikin while he was transported to the nearest hospital. The SAF Serviceman succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 11.50am. He was 33 years old and is survived by his wife.

More than 200 friends, family and colleagues paid their final respects, with many others flooding Facebook honouring 3WO Sadikin’s “very ‘on’ personality”  and “approachable disposition”. “(3WO Sadikin) had shown the utmost professionalism in the way he conducted himself as a soldier, trainer and more importantly as a commander, who put everyone’s interest before himself,” wrote SAF in a post.

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