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Written by Terence Tan

Police Investigation

On Friday (Mar 20), the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that it received numerous complaints regarding an offensive post on NUS Atheist Society Facebook page. The police were informed and are investigating the case.


The Post

The post featured a photo of a bible and a Quran side-by-side and it was accompanied by the caption: “For use during toilet paper shortages”. This came after Malaysia shut its border, resulting in a second wave of panic buying and hoarding of essential goods, such as toilet paper. 

Access to the post has since been disabled.


No Tolerance

As Singapore is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, such an offensive post is unacceptable. MHA has highlighted the “importance of racial and religious harmony in our society” and that everyone should be mindful of the things shared in online forums. The ministry also mentioned that the public should not make any remarks that are prejudicial towards any groups, including race and religion.

As Mr Jan Chan, a member of Progress Singapore Party (PSP), was believed to have made the insensitive post, PSP had expelled him. The party has also clarified that they are not affiliated to the NUS Atheist Society. PSP iterated that the actions of their members must adhere to the boundaries of the law and would not tolerate anyone who shows disrespect to any religion.



NUS has also responded to this issue on their Facebook page, stating that the NUS Atheist Society Facebook page is not related to the institution. Furthermore, the university has also reported the page to Facebook twice, requesting the social media platform  to investigate the legitimacy of the account.

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