Written by Mertice Ho

Singapore is an ideal place for electric vehicles (EV) because it is highly urbanised and compact. Yet, many Singaporeans are sceptical about getting an EV because of the worry that they will run out of electricity in the middle of their commute. Electric utilities provider SP Group has come up with a solution to this conundrum, by aiming to build 500 power charging units in Singapore in 2 years.. Out of this 500, 100 will be direct current type charging points capable of fully charging an EV in half an hour. The rest of the charging points will be alternating current types that take about seven times longer to charge a car. Motorists will be able to pay for charging electronically and can check out the location and availability of charging points. SP Group is expected to roll out its first 30 charging points by the end of this year, by when they will also announce the pricing details of charging.


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