Written by Clement Ng

Carousell user @maid.recruitment, whose account was created last month (Aug 15), was found to have been selling maids on the site as commodities. The user displayed pictures of Indonesian maids, with some profiles indicating the maid had been “sold” and one even describing the maid as “fresh”. The listings have since been removed and condemned by Carousell.

However, this is symptomatic of a larger problem, which sees maids being frequently objectified on maid agency sites and other online marketing sites. Indeed, common terms on such sites include the aforementioned “fresh” in addition to “fast delivery” and “free replacement” (a quick google search is all it takes to find these buzzwords).

In response, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) revealed on its Facebook page last Friday (Sep 14) that there is an ongoing investigation into the inappropriate online marketing of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW). Sadly, such advertisement practices for FDWs are far from new, which brings into question the effectiveness of current measures in tackling this issue.

Clement is an NUS Life Science student. "Life" here meaning biology, as opposed to "life of the party" or "living the life". He has a particular interest in US politics, which generally means he is particularly miserable. Regardless, he is a strong believer in keeping informed, and hopes to encourage his peers and readers to do so.

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