The Straits Times is under scrutiny after an award-winning story covering the 1MDB saga was revealed to be fraudulent. The 2015 piece involved an interview with whistleblower Xavier Justo, who had “confessed” that the media publication The Edge Malaysia offered to buy stolen data from him, which they could then falsify with the intent to bring down the Najib government. Justo has since revealed that the interview was made under duress, and what he said was scripted and untrue.

These revelations are part of the fallout of Najib’s incredible fall from power, and the unfolding of the 1MDB corruption saga. In a statement made by ST, the reporter in question Nirmal Ghosh said he pursued the story “in good faith” and found the new revelations “disappointing”. Regardless, that ST is now complicit in a worsening saga is not a good look given the recent hysteria over fake news and foreign interference.

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