After an intense nine-day search, 12 boys and their assistant football coach were found deep inside a flooded cave complex of Tham Luang. The boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach disappeared on June 23 during an outing to the cave complex, leaving all their belongings at the mouth of the cave. The crisis immediately captivated the attention of the nation and brought in help from around the world, with specialist cave divers from Australia, Britain, Japan and China, and more than 30 US military personnel flying in to join about 1,000 Thai rescuers. The evacuation was extremely challenging, as the 10-km complex became a hazardous trap when heavy rain caused floodwater to rise and block the entrance to the cave. Yet, with great effort from the rescue team, latest update saw the eleventh boy being brought out the cave safely in the third mission. We keep the rest in prayers and wish those who are rescued a speedy recovery!


*As of July 10th 2018, all 12 boys and their football coach has been rescued safely from their terrible ordeal, much to the celebration of Thailand! The boys are now kept in quarantine away from their parents to undergo medical examinations and prevent the risk of infections.

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