Written by Terence Tan

What Happened?

Last Friday, the police arrested a 26-year-old woman whom they believe was the mother of the baby boy abandoned in a rubbish chute last month. The identity of the suspect cannot be revealed as a gag order to protect the baby’s identity. 

The police tracked down the suspect through reviewing multiple police cameras and CCTV footage provided by residents and businesses in the neighbourhood. Police said that the baby is now in a stable condition with no visible injuries.

The boy was found last month when two cleaners, Mr Patwari Shamin and Mr Mostafa Kamal, heard soft cries coming from the back of a buggy loaded with chute bins from Block 534 Bedok North St 3. When they stopped to check, they saw a baby in a plastic bag filled with blood. The baby was brought to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital later that day.

The suspect requested to be offered bail. However, District Judge Tan Jen Tse applied for the woman to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric observation. The prosecutor even told the suspect, “After doing the offence, you went back to sleep as if nothing had happened. That’s what the investigation officer is saying.” She was remanded for two weeks for psychiatric observation and will return to court on 28 February. If convicted, she may be jailed up to seven years, fined or both.

The authorities are still looking into the identity of the child’s father.

Under Foster Care

On Monday, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) spokesman said that they will continue to closely monitor the well-being of the child. As of now, the baby boy is under the care of foster parents.

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