Written by Joseph Ong

The Allegations 

Popular radio DJ and youtuber Dee Kosh has been under fire for allegedly sexually harassing young boys. It all began when instagrammer @_epaul made a series of posts, claiming that Dee had sexually harassed him under the guise of recruiting him into his youtube channel. 

And thus the flood gates opened: many young men came forward on social media to detail their uncomfortable experiences with Dee. There were screenshots of conversations where he had apparently solicited nudes and offered money in exchange for sexual favours from minors. 

Source: Hype MY


While the age of consent in Singapore is 16, paying a person under 18 years of age for commercial sex is an offence. Police reports have been submitted and investigations are ongoing


The Response 

Initially, Dee took to instagram to deny all allegations and said that he would be ”taking the necessary steps to clear this all up”. His Lawyers sent @_epaul a cease and desist letter, warning him to take down the “defamatory content”. 

However, just two days later, he released a lengthy apology to his accusers. While he maintained his stance that the allegations were “baseless and untrue”, he admitted to have texted a 15-year old in a “problematic” and “questionable” way. 

Despite this, he claimed to have no intention of grooming him, nor did he use his talent management business as a platform for buying sex.


The Cancellation 

Netizens dismissed his apology, quoting Dee’s own words: “Of course he’s going to say he’s sorry. He’s sorry cause he got caught!” Dee tweeted the quote last year when NUS student Terrence Siow was sentenced for molesting a woman at Serangoon MRT station.

Companies that Dee has previously worked with, such as Huawei and Lenovo, have ended their engagements with him. Popular local YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has put all further collaborations with Dee on hold indefinitely. Power 98 FM, the radio station where he DJs at, announced that he was “on leave” and reaffirmed their stance of not tolerating harassment. 

Some have pointed out the irony of the situation: Dee, who cancelled YouTube personality Eden Ang for allegedly sexually harassing an 18-year old former employee in 2018, has been cancelled for sexual harassment himself.  In this age of social media, you either die a hero or live long enough to be cancelled. 

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