Written by Ashley Koh

Remember the good old days when the MRT flooded while you were on your way home after a long day at work? LTA announced on July 20 (Friday), that SMRT will be fined S$1.5 million dollars for the incident, holding the rail operator “fully responsible” for the incident in its investigations. To recap, the incident saw flooding in the tunnels which led to a 14.5-hour train service disruption between Ang Mo Kio and Newton stations. Affecting more than 230,000 commuters, the whole fiasco would have been preventable if the pumping systems had been maintained properly and the maintenance records not falsified. SMRT will also be fined S$400,000 for the fatal accident near Pasir Ris Station on March 22, which cost 2 SMRT trainees their lives after they were hit by a moving train. It was found that the SMRT work team ‘failed to comply with operating procedures’ and that the lapses were ‘aggravated by inadequate supervision’. Hopefully, these fines will be a pinch painful enough for SMRT to prevent any of these incidents from happening again

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