Written by Mertice Ho

On May 24, Trump called off the US-North Korea Summit, citing that there was too much open hostility from North Korea towards Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States. North Korea had announced on the same day that it destroyed its only known nuclear test site, but even with this conciliatory move, the momentous summit the world had been waiting for still seemed just a dream. However, barely a week later on June 1, Trump made the announcement that the summit was officially on-again.

In preparation for the summit, both countries recently held the fifth round of talks in Panmunjom, the North and South Korea border truce village. As part of the final stage of negotiations, the two countries discussed how to achieve Pyongyang’s complete denuclearisation in return for Washington’s security guarantee. The summit is anticipated to take place on June 12 right here on our little Island of Singapore.

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