Written by Benedict Lee

What happened?

Just a day before their big campaign kick-off on 23 February, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was informed by Kingdom Community Church (KCC) Ventures Pte Ltd that their venue at Eunos was no longer available.

KCC Ventures cancelled it because of a “last-minute unforeseen JTC inspection”. However, JTC claimed that it did not know about this event and did not even have an inspection on that day. Later on, KCC Ventures said that the building management was “insistent that political activities aren’t allowed in the premises”.

SDP managed to secure another venue at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, albeit paying three times more.

Chee Soon Juan, the chief of SDP, also added that his book launch was cancelled by the Lifelong Learning Institute a week before.


What did SDP talk about during their campaign?

SDP is the first party to launch their campaign for the next general election, which must be held by April 2021. This early start is due to the uncertainty as to when the elections will be held which necessitates garnering support early. In Mr Chee’s words: “The fight, the contest, is won or lost way before those nine days (of campaigning)”. They will contest the same constituencies they did during the 2015 General Election where they failed to gain any seats.

Additionally, they reinforced that they have stuck to their beliefs and values, and resolved to address issues such as the “relentless rise in the cost of living” and a “series of leaks and tragedies”. Thus, they will start rolling out a revised series of policies, with plans to unveil their cost of living policy and housing policy in March.

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