Written by Bertrand Seah

In a week that saw the US and North Korea begin a widely-celebrated peace process, and saw countries put aside their geopolitical interests for the opening of the World Cup, the suffering in conflict-riven Yemen has only intensified. This came after airstrikes destroyed medical facilities run by Doctors Without Borders, and designed to treat cholera patients. Yemen is currently undergoing a massive cholera epidemic, with over one million Yemenis afflicted, many of whom are children.

The humanitarian consequences are plain to see. In addition to the cholera crisis, Yemen is in the midst of widespread famine, with 22 million said to require humanitarian aid. This has come about because of a civil-turned-proxy war, and worsened by blockades and bombing campaigns by a Saudi-UAE coalition armed by the United States and Britain. Saudi Arabia might proclaim itself to be a modernising force, while western powers take much pride in its commitment to human rights, but such rhetoric will ring hollow so long as it prolongs the suffering of war-torn Yemen.

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