Written by Uyen Le-Khuc

Recently, The Esplanade removed an artwork by Vincent Leow due to public complaints about obscenity. The work features what looks like a naked human figure riding a rooster, and was part of an exhibition featuring Mr Leow’s artworks since April 13. The call was made after an anti-LGBT Facebook group called Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family (SDMF) accused the Esplanade of ‘promoting bestiality” in a public display that would potentially be viewed by young children. As a response to the complaints, Ms Yvonne Tham, Esplanade chief executive-designate, explained the goodwill of both The Esplanade and Mr Leow, admitted to “error of judgement”, and arranged a discussion with Mr Leow before taking down the painting accordingly. The move was perceived with mixed feelings from the public – some approved of The Esplanade’s decision, while others voiced against its lack of support for artists and their works, as well as the narrow-minded attitude from a group of conservatives in Singapore.

(Featured photo from todayonline.com)

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