It’s no longer about whether your name is Kourtney or Court Knee; recently, Starbucks faced a much more serious problem. Its store in Philadelphia was targeted by a whopping mass of protestors a few days after two black men were falsely accused of and arrested for trespassing. To resolve to the uproar, Starbucks had to announce a drastic response: closing more than 8,000 US stores for several hours on 29 May to conduct racial-bias training for its nearly 175,000 workers. In addition, Starbucks’ chief executive, Kevin Johnson, also condemned the arrests and wished to apologise to the men face-to-face. Unfortunately, while Starbuck’s prompt actions drew public compliments, there was also a backlash against its decision. The call for racial-bias training was considered a superficial way to “window-dress” the issue, as diversity training is a method with “least impact”.

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